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Black fungus due to covid-19: audiological assessment of middle ear functioning


Background and Aim: A rare fungal infection, mucormycosis, has become more common in patients recovering from COVID in its second wave in India. The proximity and easy access to the middle ear through the Eustachian tube from paranasal sinuses alarms the need for early detection of middle ear involvement. Hence, the study was carried out to determine the influence of mucormycosis on Immittance and otoacoustic emissions.
Methods: eleven rhino orbital mucormycosis patients aged 40-60 years participated in the study. Middle ear evaluation was carried out with the help of Immittance and otoacoustic emissions.
Results: It was found that 4/11 (36.36%) participants had abnormal Immittance and absent otoacoustic emissions, indicating middle ear dysfunction. 3/4 participants had middle ear dysfunction in the ear ipsilateral to the side of the infection.
Conclusion: The study results reveal a rare chance of middle ear involvement in mucormycosis patients, which calls for the crucial role of the audiologist in the early detection of middle ear dysfunction.

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Mucormycosis immittance otoacoustic emissions

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