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Impact of COVID-19 on the auditory and vestibular system


Background and Aim: The COVID-19 has affected sensory organs in a different manner. This paper aimed to review the auditory-vestibular symptoms associated with COVID-19 and it also investigated the impacts of this pandemic on hearing-impaired community.
Recent Findings: The existing studies related to the effects of COVID-19 on the auditory-vestibular system were reviewed and discussed in order to achieve the overall image of COVID-19 on this system. Moreover, due to the adverse effects of using a mask on the communication function of hearing-impaired people, the effects of the mask on the communication process of hearing-impaired people were also reviewed.
Conclusion: COVID-19 may be accompanying with some auditory and vestibular dysfunctions. Although there are few findings in this area, they showed that the induced hearing loss is often sudden in nature and it is unclear that this situation is because of the ototoxicity of virus treated drugs or not. The vertigo induced by COVID-19 can be a direct invasion of the virus or an invasion by the immune system and its association with hearing loss and tinnitus must be identified, and appropriate referrals should be considered. On the other hand, due to the adverse effects of using personal protective equipment such as masks on the communication performance of hearing-impaired people, the necessary advice and guidance in this field are provided to the medical staff.

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