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The Effectiveness of Jung’s Self-Knowledge on the Adaptability and Marital Satisfaction of Mothers with Hearing-Impaired Children


Background and Aim: Hearing-impairment and hearing loss are humans’ most common neurological and sensory injuries. Having a child with hearing loss, in addition to affecting the amount of stress on the family and parents, can also affect the marital satisfaction of the couple. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Jung’s self-knowledge on the adaptability and marital satisfaction of mothers with hearing-impaired children.
Methods: This research was quasi-experimental with a pretest-post-test design with a control group. The study’s statistical population includes all mothers with hearing-impaired children living in Yazd City, Iran. A total of 30 women were selected using the purposive sampling method and were randomly divided into the control (15 people) and intervention groups (15 people). The intervention group received Jung’s self-knowledge training in eight 90-minute sessions once a week, while the control group received no training. Data were collected through a marital satisfaction questionnaire and a family adaptation questionnaire. The data were analyzed at the level of descriptive and inferential statistics.
Results: The results of the data analysis showed a significant difference between the variables of compatibility and marital satisfaction in the post-test of the experimental and control groups.
Conclusion: Jung’s self-knowledge affects the adaptability and marital satisfaction of mothers with hearing-impaired children. Therefore, self-knowledge with Jung’s method can be useful for improving the adaptability and marital satisfaction of mothers with hearing-impaired children.

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