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The relationship between quality of work life and job satisfaction among audiologists in Iran


Background and Aim: One of the most important pillars of the constancy of each organization is the satisfaction of its employees. Quality of work life is beyond job satisfaction; it involves the effect of the workplace on satisfaction with the job, satisfaction in non-work life domains and subjective well-being. This study aimed to determine the relationship between job satisfaction and quality of work life among audiologists in Iran.
Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 251 audiologists. Minnesota and Van Laar questionnaires were used.
Results: According to the results, the mean of the job satisfaction of audiologists was 71.8%, generally showing that audiologists were satisfied with their job. Also, mean of the quality of work life of audiologists was 76.8%, which indicates good quality of work life for audiologists. The relationship between the quality of work life and its seven dimensions with job satisfaction was significant (p<0.05). In all of the dimensions except stress at work, the correlation coefficient was positive and significant (p=0.68); however, the relationship between stress at work and job satisfaction was negative. Altogether, job career satisfaction had the strongest and stress at work had the weakest relationship with job satisfaction.
Conclusion: The data obtained from this study suggest that audiologists have good job satisfaction and quality of work life which can promise a bright future for audiologists and their clients. Promotion and improvement of dimensions of quality of work life can lead to higher job satisfaction and improve the provision of audiology services to clients.

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