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The Effect of Traffic Noise on Divided Attention and Perception Concerning Individual Role Differences: An Experimental Study


Background and Aim: Noise pollution is one of the urban problems that can affect the exposed individuals’ cognitive function. This study set to investigate the impact of traffic noise on drivers’ cognitive variables including perceptual capacity, speed of perception, and divided attention concerning the role of individual orientation and neuroticism.
Methods: This study recruited 35 male student participants. The Eysenck personality questionnaire was used to evaluate the participants’ personalities (neuroticism and extroversion). Participants were then exposed to traffic noise, and the Adaptive Tachistoscopic Traffic Perception Test (ATTPT) was performed to assess their capacity and speed of perception. The Peripheral Perception Test (PPT) was also conducted to evaluate the divided attention using the Vienna test system software.
Results: Introverted and stable individuals had better performance in perceptual capacity and speed of perception tasks after exposure to traffic noise. However, these effects were not observed in extrovert and unstable individuals. This study also showed no significant alterations in variables in extroverted (introverted/extroverted) subjects with neuroticism (unstable/stable) concerning divided attention tasks after traffic noise exposure.
Conclusion: This study showed that divided attention in extrovert individuals with neuroticism was not influenced by traffic noise exposure. But perceptual capacity and perception speed was influenced by traffic noise in introverts and unstable subjects.

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