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Effect of Gallery Walk Learning Strategy on Clinical Performance of Audiology Students Compared to Traditional Learning Strategy


Background and Aim: Gallery walk is an active learning strategy in form of discussion that enables students to be more active in learning process. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of this strategy on the clinical performance of audiology students.
Methods: In this quasi-experimental study, 30 fourth-year undergraduate students in audiology participated. They were assigned into two groups of traditional learning and gallery walk. The educational content of both groups was similar and was related to the adult care clinical practicum. The assessments included Eustachian tube function test, site-of-lesion tests, and clinical masking. The clinical knowledge, and satisfaction level of students were compared before and after intervention.
Results: Before the intervention, the difference in clinical knowledge was not statistically significant between the two study groups (p>0.05). After the intervention, we observed a considerable improvement in knowledge scores in both groups, mostly in the gallery walk group. The mean scores of site-of-lesion tests, and total score of knowledge were also significantly higher in the gallery walk group (p<0.05). The satisfaction level of students was above the average level (mean score=3.9±0.74).
Conclusion: The gallery walk strategy has more positive effects on clinical practice of audiology students compared to traditional learning strategy.

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